Material:Steel. Concentricity: about 0,02 mm. Tolerance: Shaft k6-h10, Hub H8. Mounting: The bush is mounted quickly. Just place the bush inside the hub and push both onto the shaft. Fasten with Allen key. Demounting: Remove tensioning screws. Put screws in forcing thread and fasten them until the bush is pressed off. MN = transmittable torque at load of 0. If the screws are fastened with Manz. Fa = transmittable axial force at torque of 0. If the screws are fastened with Manz. Manz = required fastening torque for the screws. The dimensions refer to bushes before assembly.



The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

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d [mm]6
D [mm]14
D1 [mm]25
L [mm]19
L1 [mm]10
L2 [mm]22,0
Transmissible Torque T [Nm]7
Transmissible Axial Force Fax [kN]2,5
PW [N/mm²]90
PN [N/mm²]70
Bolts DIN 912 No. of [pcs]2
SizeM3 x 8
M No. [Nm]2
Weight [kg]0,03

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